in loving memory

Linda Jobes

October 4, 1943 - December 22, 2018

Service and Reception

Friday, January 18th at 11:00am

Please join us for Services and Reception at Mandarin United Methodist Church in Jacksonville, Florida (see map below).

In mid-July, Linda had a few heavy boxes fall on her when she was reaching for supplies inside her garage.  This caused her to fall down, bruise her face and unknowingly break her upper arm.  She quickly drove herself to Urgent Care, but they found nothing wrong and suggested her tendons were pulled.  After a month of enduring severe pain, she knew something more was wrong and went to an Orthopedic Group for additional x-rays.  This time, they found her upper arm was actually broken and had already started to heal.  Unfortunately, surgery was needed to re-break and set the bones, but before she could undergo this type of surgery (and because of her age), she needed several doctors to sign-off that she was in good enough condition. 

Over the next few weeks, Linda had several doctor's appointments, endured many different types of tests, and received a sign-off from every doctor except one: her heart doctor.  He said she needed a heart valve replacement or she would not survive the surgery.  After a few more tests to verify, her doctor also concluded she needed to have double bypass surgery at the same time.  As you can expect, Linda was devastated, upset, and very afraid, but decided to bravely move forward with the surgery since her arm was barely able to move and she was in so much pain.

On November 12th, Linda went into surgery for heart valve replacement and double bypass surgery which is one of the most invasive surgeries one can go through.  The surgery took about 5 hours and the doctor wound up performing a triple bypass on her heart, but it ended up as a complete success.  We were all elated and I was there by her side for the next few days.  Little did we know that she would be in the hospital for the next 5 ½ weeks with a variety of complications including fluid on her lungs, an allergic reaction to her blood thinner, a small stomach ulcer (from stress), and weakened kidneys (which caused her to have dialysis every few days).  With all of these challenges, she seemed somewhat depressed (not like the happy Linda we all knew) … but, we could see she was making progress, even though it was a lot slower than any of us expected.

On December 20th, Linda was finally well enough to be transferred to a rehab center which was the last step in her recovery.  When I talked with her that day, she seemed a little more upbeat and ready to get better.  We knew it was going to be a rough road ahead, but also knew that the toughest part was over … at least, that’s what we thought.

On December 22nd, around 6:00pm, we were at the mall shopping for Christmas presents for my Mom when we got the call that she had been found unresponsive and rushed to the Emergency Room.  I asked what had happened and the nurse said she couldn’t give out any information and that I needed to come up there immediately.  When we arrived around 10:00pm, we were brought to a consultation room where the emergency room doctor explained what had happened.  That little ulcer she had a few weeks back, evidently bled into her digestive system causing her potassium levels to rise to twice the level they should have been.  The high levels of potassium ultimately led to her having sudden cardiac arrest.  The doctor said he tried everything he could for 20 minutes, but she never recovered.

Linda never wanted any “fuss" over her passing and simply wanted to be cremated with her ashes spread. We chose a small service at her church to at least honor and celebrate her life with her close friends, family, and relatives.   

Please Share a Story or Memory

We’re sure there are alot of adventurous stories and fun memories you could share about my Mom.  Please share them below so we can remember as much as possible about my Mom’s long and loved life.  These will go directly to my email and I’ll post them here each day. :)

“The last day I saw Mom was exactly one week before she passed. Mitra (my wife), Makenna (my daughter), and I visited the hospital to offer encouraging words and try to lift her spirits. We were excited about her going to rehab and showed her pictures of our new kitten (Lucky) climbing up the bed post in her room at our house. She smiled … and always loved seeing or hearing about Lucky for some reason. Makenna was also able to tell my Mom stories about her successes and also played a short song she recently learned on her guitar. At the time, we didn’t realize this was probably the last song she would hear … so it actually made it a very special moment for all of us."

Greg J

"One of my favorite memories is when I was showing Grammy my typing skills.  I went on a random document and made up a random sentence to write. I started typing and after I was done, she said that it was really good!  She showed me how she typed and she was really good! Another one of my favorite memories is when she, my Mom and Dad were at my Karate class. When I was done, Grammy said that I was the best out of the class!  She also said that I was the best Karate girl she has ever saw! My last favorite memory was when we showed her Lucky videos! She always loved when we showed her new videos of him! She especially liked the video where Lucky had one of my animals in his mouth and carried it around.  I really liked that video too!"

Makenna J

“I will always remember Linda for her generous nature. She was always trying to give us something or do something for us. From babysitting and cat sitting to sending us unexpected little gifts to brighten our day, she was always thinking of us and others. Her last gift to me was a coffee cup with a cat on it that looks like our Lucky that she thought was cute. Now, we get to think about her and remember her for who she was. We will miss her always…."

Mitra J

“I met Linda in the pool at the JCA (Jewish Community Alliance). She was so outgoing and struck up a conversation with me. We both had joined to use the pool and exercise room. She invited me to join her and other friends for game night at her home. That was the beginning of a long friendship and I was welcomed into her circle of friends. I will always cherish her friendship and will miss her. Thank you Linda for sharing your life with me."

Judy H

“Your precious mom gave me a beautiful bridal shower at her home on the Southside of Jacksonville sometime in 1965. At the time I did not know her very well. She was a close friend of Fran L. and Fran was my brother, Ron's, first wife. Everything looked so beautiful and she was so sweet and gracious. My brother met Fran at Linda Lou and Mike's wedding. I wish I had known she lived in the Mandarin area. I could have visited her when I was in Jacksonville. My brother lives out across Julington Creek in the Fruit Cove area. I am so sorry for your loss and I pray for comfort for you and your family."

Linda G

“Linda was the first one who greeted me when I walked in the door to Eli Lilly August 1994. Big smile and that beautiful southern accent. She made sure that I met everyone and found my way around the office. I was a temp at the time but after a reorganization Linda took a transfer in order for Lucielle Jensen to retire and give me a permanent position in the office. The best job I ever had. Over the years Linda and I talked regularly on the phone and met at various meetings. She was a kind, caring person that everyone found joy in being around. RIP Linda."

Betty F

“I first met Linda when we were transferred to Jacksonville with Lilly in 1980. She set up a place for us to stay while house hunting. Of course it was the Georgia/Florida weekend. Needless to say we got no sleep. From there she was my director. She directed me to all my sales reps, manager meetings and pretty much did everything else. After 12 years in Jacksonville, Lilly closed the office. Jack Peterson and I were going to the Tampa Office and we ask Linda to join us. She was reluctant, but after a drink or two she agreed to join us. Our lives have been intertwined ever since. From Greg baby sitting our kids to Linda attending their weddings. She was a self starter and got along with all the people she came in contact with. The reps love her for who she was. She cared and it showed all her life. She will be missed by all."

Jan P

“I reconnected with Linda over a few emails last year. We talked about her work at Lilly and my experiences going to medical conferences that she arranged. I remember her from Landon High School. Such a nice person. I sure she retained that disposition her entire life. Please accept my deepest sympathy for her passing."

Wesley G

“The day my mom, Judy H., told me she met a new friend at JCA, I knew right away that Linda was a special lady and going to be a friend that anyone would be lucky to have. I am so grateful to have known her and to have shared girls nights with her and my mom. When she asked questions about me and my life, she genuinely listened and was genuinely concerned. I would get so tickled when she talked about my now husband Brendon because I could tell that she knew he was a good man and I would be crazy to let him get away. In fact, I think she did mention that if I didn’t want him, she would take him. Haha!

Always kind, thoughtful and considerate of others. A woman who enjoyed connecting people and sharing time with her girlfriends.
She touched Brendon and my hearts and we will always remember the sweet and special lady that she was. Her life was taken too soon. I miss her already. God bless her and you and your family."

Stephanie M

“First met Linda in the Lilly office in Jacksonville. Subsequently we worked together in Tampa and Birmingham offices. Always such a pleasant person who tried to help everyone. My thoughts and prayers are with her family."

Glenn M

“Linda worked at Lilly with my Dad, Jack Peterson, for several years, both in Jacksonville and Tampa, and always was such a pleasant, inviting presence. She was a friend of our family, always gracious, helpful, and had a heart of servitude. Our prayers to her family and loved ones during this difficult time."

Kyle P

“Linda was my aunt that I had the joy of meeting 7 years ago when she found her brother. The first time I physically met her, she was helping a girlfriend recover from surgery. I walked in the house and she immediately introduced me as her niece. I was immediately welcomed into the family. She was also quick to help support me on a mission trip last June. She will know the impact of the trip on eternity there were over 175 salvations that week. I just wish that I had been able to have more time with her. Love you Aunt Linda!"

Amy H

“For everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven: a time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up; a time to weep and a time to love."  Ecclesiastes 3:1

"Linda was a wonderful neighbor and friend and she definitely knew the meaning of love. Linda was a block chairman for our local neighborhood and the go to person for questions or anything going on. She took pride in making our neighborhood look nice. She was the first to volunteer her services whether putting together a block party or contributing food for friends that were ill. Linda enjoyed eating with her friends at O'Steens in St. Augustine which served the best shrimp around. Linda looked forward and was a regular at the Wednesday night dinners at the church and enjoyed sitting with the same group of friends.

When we sold our house and moved to another neighborhood she was so sad and mentioned many times how we should move back. She will always be in our hearts. We miss her calling us to sit outside and enjoy the weather when it was nice. Our neighbors would all come out and congregate in someone's drive, maybe drink a glass of wine and share stories and try to solve the worlds problems. LOL. She was the first one to call and set up a date to celebrate birthdays and it wasn't unusual for Linda to share a meal with us on the spur of the moment and bring with her a game to play as she often did. She knew she could count on us and we could count on her for advise whether we needed it or not. She frequently ran friends to the airport and I remember one time we needed a ride when we stuck at an auto place. We called her and she came and got us. A Saturday she drove me to the eye doctor and waited on me.

One is blessed to have a friend, but to have many is unique; always caring, sharing and supporting each other. we grow and are strengthened daily because we are a CIRCLE OF FRIENDS. We are better people today because of her loving caring friendship. I know she will be missed by many as we all loved Linda. It takes a long time to grow old friends.....Greg and family thank you for your gift of sharing your mom with us. She was a gift everyday of her life. Now she has no pain and we have our promise of God we will see her again in Heaven. Peace to All!"

Patty & Lyndon J